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Human machine interfaces

The touch terminal has always been the communication interface between the operator and the equipment. With its HM and GT series, Panasonic offers a wide range of products.

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Ultra compact touch terminals

Our product portfolio ranges from monochrome touch terminals to weatherproof touch panels for outdoor use.

Visualisation via tough terminal: the first step towards digitalising existing equipment

The developments in the current industrial revolution call for communication between human and machine in all areas. To ensure successful networking, the touch terminal of the machine, which serves as a communication interface, is of vital importance. To allow people to use equipment and machines intuitively and correctly, it is vitally important that processes and data ar logically visualized on the display.

Communication between humans and machines

Whether in industry, shipping and transportation or in modern office systems, today’s technology increasingly requires communication between people and machines. The machine’s role therein is to display data, results, messages, etc. and to receive instructions and execute tasks assigned by people. To meet the great demands of technology, new products have been developed over the last several years: operation terminals – also known as HMIs. HMIs allow humans and machines to interact with each other.

Many functions that previously required lamps, LEDs and switches to be connected, for example, can now be fulfilled with just one device. Other functions that simply made life easier for the user came into being. For example, HMIs can save and display text and graphics, report errors as well as display data and machine status online. By entering instructions on the touch panel, the user can transfer data or issue instructions to the machine or the controller of the machine via a communication interface.

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