Electromechanical and semiconductor relays

High frequency relays

Switching frequencies ≤26.5GHz; wide range of types including THT, SMD & SMA connectors.

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PCB HF relays are available as SMD and through-hole types for frequencies up to 8GHz. Coaxial switches with SMA connectivity handle frequencies up to 26GHz; line-up includes SPDT, DPDT and SP6T types.

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RJ series

Excellent high frequency characteristics in a small size.

RV series

Ultra small high frequency relay with PIN and SMA connection.

RA relay

1 GHz capable, 3 W carrying power (at 1 GHz), 50Ω impedance and 2 Form C relays.

RE series

2.6 GHz capable, 10 W carrying power (at 2.6 GHz), 50Ω/75Ω impedance,1 Form C relays.