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High end touch terminals

The HM series is an all-embracing solution for demanding IoT applications and leaves nothing to desire.

HM series touch terminals…more than just panels

All terminals are equipped with Ethernet ports and support VNC technology. The web server architecture is based on current HTML5 web technology providing users with advanced control and remote monitoring from any browser, any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer). The ability to capture, store and share data in higher-level structures makes the HM series the perfect choice for integrating systems across the entire enterprise.

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HM500 series touch terminals

The HM500 series combines state-of-the-art features and top performance with an outstanding design in a metal housing.

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The HM series supports Panasonic PLCs, SVG graphics, Javascript, OPC UA Server / Client gateway, Modbus TCP (RTU), EtherNet/IP. This makes the HM series a perfect tool for IIoT implementation and Industry 4.0 in a controlled and safety-aware manner.