White Paper Lithium - Lithium primary battery characteristics

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Panasonic Batteries provides professional expertise in a new White Paper: It in-forms about various aspects of Lithium battery technology. Following the White Paper on Lead-Acid batteries and their specific housing characteristics, the new paper is the second document of its kind.

The White Papers give developers and technical professionals the opportunity to leverage the expertise of specialists for their own projects. Panasonic has been manufacturing batteries for several decades, and over this time has accumulated considerable knowledge and experience. The White Papers are a way of sharing these insights. Wireless, IoT (Internet of Things) and data collection in general have changed the duty requirements for the once upon a time RTC (Real Time Clock) / SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) dedicated back-up battery in recent years. The White Paper ‘Lithium primary battery characteristics’ is meant to give an overview about requirements and characteristics of the current Lithium technologies. The paper explores in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each type of Lithium. This is particularly useful considering that choosing sub-optimal battery chemistry can lead to inferior results in terms of the performance of both the battery and the associated application. In the near future, there will be further White Papers about other battery technologies. Panasonic will publish details when new releases are available.

You can find the Lithium White Paper on the Panasonic website here!

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