Panasonic Industry releases EKMB and EKMC series Wide Area and Ultra Slight Motion Detection Sensors, covering a wide field of detection & high sensitivity

Panasonic Industry releases EKMB and EKMC series

MUNICH, NOVEMBER 2020 : There is an ever growing demand for automated surveillance and monitoring applications within the smart building automation and public security infrastructure. All such devices in these sectors depend on modern sensor technology that is expected to function reliably and to appear as unobtrusive/non-visible as possible.
Now, Panasonic Industry releases its new EKM versions of Pyroelectric Passive Infrared Motion Sensors (PaPIRs) with two distinct functional purposes. While being “equal twins” in terms of their physical nature, with only a 14mm small lens diameter and same pinning structure, each type has a unique and specific detection performance.

The Wide Area Detection type has a maximum detection area of 12.9m @ 3M which is unrivaled in the market in such a small package. Thus, it renders the perfect motion sensor for large areas, such as entrance halls, open space offices, corridors or parking lots and many other public spaces.

The Ultra Slight Motion Detection type on the other hand impresses with an extremely high and almost gapless switching zone density and an exceptionally high sensitivity. A perfect choice wherever small objects and movements need to be reliably detected, for example in meeting rooms, waiting rooms or single offices.

Both sensors are designed for either typical ceiling installation heights of 3m or wall-/corner mounted applications and suit indoor and outdoor environments with an UV-stabilized lens. Thanks to the same sensor dimensions, different applications can be realized with one standard housing. Lens colors are available in white, pearl white and black.

EKMB types have a digital output (open drain) and a very low standby power consumption of 1μA, 2μA, 6μA. EKMC types offer a digital or analog output (op-amp) of 170μA.
Next-gen multipurpose sensor technology, enabling designers a swift and cost-efficient design process – and providing customers with unobtrusive functionality they can rely on.

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