High capacity switching for next-gen automotive technology

 Panasonic Industry introduce Learn more on the TT automotive relays series

Munich, October 2020. When it comes to switching solutions, contemporary automotive application design resorts more and more to PCB mounted products. The primacy of miniaturization and efficiency without com-promises in terms of reliability and performance render THT or PiP mounted relays a perfect solution for multiple high current loads.

The high capacity TT series – supporting 60A @14VDC with a double make 2 Form A (1 Form U) contact configuration – is tailored to smart junction boxes that come to use in applications throughout the vehicle.
“Those state-of-the-art junction boxes”, as Michael Immle from Panasonic Industry Europe summarizes, “are a downright leap in terms of switching structure: The overall ratio of relays em-ployed is currently increasing significantly – as well as the overall share of PCB-mounted relays.”
Coming in miniaturized housings 17.8 x 13 x 16 mm, TT relay series is expected to save between 15% to 29% board space in comparison to similar products.
With available heat-resistant (110°C) or pin in paste soldering compatible types, the TT series of Panasonic Industry is now a first-choice product for high capacity switching in many car applications – such as defoggers, head lamps, seat heaters, fog lamps, fan motors and many others.

Learn more on the TT automotive relays series here.