Panasonic speakers focusing on high power switching, elementary and semiconductor relays

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From arcing to the AC-DC shift in relevance: On 25th and 26th October, 78 participants representing key industries such as building automation, energy, industrial automation & transportation joined – personally or virtually - this year’s Anwenderforum Relaistechnik at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg. Two days, entirely dedicated to provide an all-around view on trending topics in relay technology with a particular focus on elementary relay basics, DC and heavy mobility applications.

Amongst other relay experts from industry and research, three speakers valuably contributed to the forum’s agenda:

Christoph Oehler co-hosted two seminar blocks on the characteristics, specs, and usage conditions of elementary relays - definitely more than a refresher course on the most important physical aspects and behavioral parameters of conventional relays. Dr. Dieter Volm focused on a modern and proven alternative for many contemporary applications: He traced the story of semiconductor relays and provided the audience with plenty of know-how on function and specs of solid state/MOSFET relays. Last but not least, Claudiu Ciobotaru spotlighted on next-gen energy generation and storage systems, respectively industrial DC grids – and the corresponding requirements on high-power relay technology.

At the end, the participants agreed that the presentations and discussions had drawn a comprehensive picture of the state-of-the-art relay technology available for modern applications in a wide field of industries – and appreciated the mutual willingness to share knowledge for being able to offer the market ever better, ever more reliable and ever more efficient relay solutions.

In case you could not attend the event this time – you are welcome to contact for more information on the presentations.

The next Anwenderforum Relaistechnik will take place on 12th and 13th October 2022 – don’t miss it!