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SF4C safety light curtain

Ultra slim safety light curtain with LED indicators, Type 4.

SF4C safety light curtain shadow

Ultra slim safety light curtain with LED indicators, Type 4

The Panasonic SF4C series has been designed to offer a safeguarding solution for machines to make them safe fort he orperators without sacrificing productivity. The ultra-slim size and shape of the SF4C series (thinnest product in the industry with 13mm!!) allow it to fit efficiently into small machinery while maximizing the usable working space for the equipment operator. SF4C is the industry's first ultra-slim safety light curtain with large LED bars on each side of the light curtain. The LED bars provide a widely visible indicator that can be customized for various applications with the help of independent external inputs. The indicator can be used as an operation indicator, as an error indicator or as a muting lamp.


  • Large built-in multi-purpose LED indicators
  • Auto-interference prevention = ELCA function
  • 4 blocks of beam-axis adjustment indicators
  • Digital error display
  • Output polarity setting
  • IP67 protection
  • Fast response time of 7ms for all models
  • Various blanking functions
  • Manual reset / auto reset
  • External device monitor
  • Override function
  • New! 2 N.C. safety inputs
  • New! Various muting functions (e.g. exit muting control)

Additional products:

  • Extension cables
  • Handy controller
  • Front protection cover
  • High-performance mounting brackets
  • Protection case
  • Adapter brackets

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Typical applications

SF4C applications
  • Use of internal muting lamp
  • Selective muting area
  • Industry first!


Name Size Date
PDF Série SF4C Manuel d'Instructions, MF-SF4C-01 5 MB 01.01.2015
PDF Übersicht Sensoren 29.1 MB 30.01.2020
PDF Short Form Sensors 9.2 MB 07.05.2019
PDF SF-AC Instruction Manual, Instruction Manual, ME-SFAC 330.2 KB 20.08.2018
PDF Flyer SF4C-H 1.8 MB
PDF Product finder for sensors 1.7 MB 19.10.2018
PDF Safety light curtains from rugged to small: SF4 series 2.6 MB 01.01.2015
PDF Brochure Capteurs 16.9 MB 03.04.2017
ZIP SF4C Manuale di barriera luminosa di sicurezza 4.8 MB 01.11.2010
PDF SF4C Guía de inicio rápido 6.4 MB 01.01.2012
PDF SF4C Series Ver. 2.1 Instruction Manual, WUME-SF4C-12 2.4 MB 28.06.2017
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PDF Product finder für Sensoren 1.9 MB 01.05.2015
PDF SF4C Guida rapida 9 MB 01.03.2012
PDF General-purpose Fiber Head Instruction Manual, MJEC-FXAT4567 251.5 KB 02.11.2015
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PDF Catálogo Resumen Sensores 10.2 MB 14.02.2020
PDF Senzory - Zkrácená verze 10.1 MB
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PDF Short form Industrial safety products 6.9 MB 15.10.2018
PDF Sensori Fotoelettrici Guida tecnica 1.9 MB
ZIP SF4C series, 3D Data 3.8 MB
ZIP SF4C series, 2D Data 346.6 KB
PDF SF4C Wer. 2.1 skrócona instrukcja obsługi, MJECK-SF4C_V1PL 1.5 MB 01.11.2014
PDF SF4C Manuel de démarrage rapide 7.1 MB 01.12.2011
ZIP SF4C Manual de instrucciones 4.5 MB 01.06.2010
ZIP SF4C Bedienungsanleitung 6.5 MB 01.06.2010
PDF SF4C Schnellanleitung 7 MB 01.12.2011
PDF Productos para la Seguridad Industrial 6.6 MB 26.11.2019
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori 24.2 KB 20.12.2018
PDF Sicherheitslichtgitter von robust bis kompakt: SF4-Serie 389.6 KB 05.12.2013
PDF SF4 series - Nu tijdelijke actieprijzen! 3.4 MB
ZIP SF4C Manuel d'instruction 4.5 MB 01.05.2010
PDF Flyer SF4C-F 749.2 KB
PDF Programma Sensori 3.1 MB 07.02.2020
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