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EX-L200 laser sensor

The world’s smallest laser sensor with a built-in amplifier.

EX-L200 laser sensor shadow

EX-L200 series

EX-L200 laser sensors are made to detect minute objects with utmost accuracy. Despite its miniature size, the thru-beam type (EX-L211x) can detect minute objects with a diameter of just 0.3mm, and the spot reflective type EX-L221x can even detect gold wire whose diameter is a mere 0.01mm. To facilitate solving application tasks, the sensors come equipped with a potentiometer and two indicator LEDs. For the thru-beam type, reflective material on the receiver allows you to visualize the laser beam, easing beam-axis alignment.


  • Miniature design
  • Response time only 0.5ms
  • Visible red laser diode
  • Sensitivity adjuster
  • Available as thru-beam, retroreflective and spot reflective types
  • Line spot type
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • 2 indicator LEDs


  • Sensor mounting bracket

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Typical applications

EX-L200 applications
  • Detecting ICs that are out of position in multiple palettes
  • Detecting the tip of a very thin pipe
  • Detecting objects from an opening
  • Detecting very small objects