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FZ-10 photoelectric sensor

Colour detection sensor amplifier.

Colour detection sensor amplifier

FZ-10 colour sensors are equipped with three LEDs - red, green and blue - as their light source. This contributes to a long sensor life and a high immunity against disturbances through ambient light. The RGB components of each detected colour are processed digitally, thus the smallest differences will be detected by this sensor. Even white and yellow can be distinguished.

By pressing just a single button, the sensor memorises the inspected colour as a reference. Allowable deviations from this target colour can be set with a 16-step tolerance adjuster. Four different fibres with spot diameters from 1 to 8mm and different sensing ranges are available for this colour sensor. With a response time of only 1ms, FZ-10 sensors are also suitable for high-speed colour checking applications.


  • Excellent colour detection
  • "Teach-in" button for easy sensor adjustment
  • 16-step tolerance adjuster
  • Response time only 1ms
  • Miniature construction
  • High ambient light immunity
  • Long life
  • Timer function

FZ-10 colour detection sensor fibre optics


  • Miniature construction
  • Different sensing ranges
  • Different spot sizes
  • Extremely small spot type
  • Long sensing range type
  • High precision type

FD fibre heads

  FD-L51 FD-L52 FD-L53 FD-L54
Type Standard High precision Extremely small spot Long sensing range
Rated sensing distance 20mm 10mm 5mm 40mm
Sensing range 14 - 24mm 8 - 11mm 4 - 6mm 30 - 50mm
Spot diameter ø 5mm ø 2.5mm ø 1mm ø 6mm
Allowable bending radius R25mm or more
Fibre cable length 1m
Material Plastic
Head dimensions (HxWxL) 21 x 8 x 31mm 24 x 8 x 33mm 30 x 7 x 35mm 26 x 12 x 34mm
Operational temperature -20°C to +70°C

Typical applications

FZ-10 applications
  • Mark detection
  • Detection of plated surface
  • Label checking