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Resistor networks

For high density applications, chip resistor networks improve placement efficiency by 2x, 4x or 8x times when compared to individual chips.
Bussed 8 or 15 resistors suit pull up/down circuits.


Chip resistor networks include high density resistor parts which improve placement efficiency. The wide range includes networks with convex, flat, and concave terminals.

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resistors array

Resistor networks

Chip resistor networks

Panasonic resistor networks are available in different sizes and values, designed for different applications.
resistors array

Resistor networks

Chip resistor array

Panasonic offers a vast lineup of chip resistor arrays with different sizes and values for multiple applications.
resistors array

Resistor networks

Anti-sulfurated chip resistor array

Having applied anti-sulfuration on the chip resistor arrays, Panasonic offers a unique solution in tougher environments.

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