Electromechanical and semiconductor relays

Solid-state relays

Compact types from 50mA to 40A.

Semiconductor-based switching elements offer superb reliability and a nearly unlimited lifespan

Semiconductor-based switching elements offer two essential advantages compared to electromechanical relays: superb reliability and a nearly limitless lifespan. The various solid-state relay types all function according to the same principle: in the input circuit, an LED energizes an optoelectronic device via an optical beam (insulation method), which in turn activates a power semiconductor on the output. SSR types use a triac as an output power semiconductor.

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AQ-G series: slim; 1A and 2A control

Vertical type only 4.5mm thick; built-in snubber circuit; zero-cross and random switching methods available; high dielectric strength 3000V.

AQ-1 series: high capacity ≤10A PCB terminal

Available as vertical types with SIL terminal arrangement, and low profile types; a built-in snubber circuit prevents malfunction due to noise.

APT series

Available in SOP 4, DIP 4 & DIP 6 package; zero cross and random switching available

AQ-AD series: 10A/30A DC

- Internal diode protects element on output side
- LED indication for status verification
- Compact, high capacity, screw terminal type

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