Common mode Filters (34CE_0805 size)

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Item Product specifications
Number of circuit 2
Impedance [Common Mode] 90 Ω
Impedance tolerance 25 %
Size [L×W] 2.0×1.25 mm
Height 0.5 mm
Weight (Typ.) 5 mg
Category temperature range -40~85 °C
Packing Embossed carriertaping 4 mm pitch,5,000 pcs
AEC-Q200 -
Rated current [DC] 100 mA
Rated voltage [DC] 5 V
DC resistance [max.] 3.0 Ω
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Downloads for this product

Name File Type Size Date Language
ZIP Simulation Data Software, Simulation data 338.8 KB 25.01.2021 English
PDF Replacement list for “End-Of-Life (EOL) part number” Other 192.2 KB 03.06.2024 English
PDF https://mediap.industry.panasonic.eu/assets/imported/industrial.panasonic.com/cdbs/www-data/pdf/AWE0000/ast-ind-288840.pdf 573.1 KB 06.06.2024 English
PDF Production location Data sheet, Packaging information 291.8 KB 03.12.2020 English
PDF 2 Mode Noise Filters (Packaging/Mounting) Other 497.4 KB 02.02.2024 English
PDF CMNF with ESD Suppressor (Packaging/Mounting) Other 217 KB 21.09.2022 English
PDF Common Mode Noise Filters (Packaging/Mounting) Other 421.2 KB 12.12.2023 English
PDF Product catalog (EMC/ESD Components) Other 12.6 MB 20.12.2023 English
PDF Safety Precautions Certificate, Safety information 284.2 KB 22.05.2024 English
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