“Connect, Inspire & Evolve” is this year’s motto at Enlit Europe.

Panasonic Industry Europe is set to participate in this year's Enlit Europe exhibition in Paris, France.

  • 28th – 30th November 2023 
  • Hall 7.2, Booth F10

The focal point of the event will revolve around the energy transition, presenting numerous challenges and opportunities. 
Within our extensive product range, we offer dependable, cutting-edge components that empower customers to create and manufacture sustainable, dependable, and interconnected products. 

See for yourself and get in touch with the technical experts from Panasonic Industry to find solutions for all areas of: 

  • Smart metering and smart grids 
  • Energy and utilities distribution 
  • Decentralized energy generation and storage 

Our products on display: 

  • Commercial and Industrial Hydrogen Ultrasonic Measurement Units (GB-F9CMA**, GB-F9CME**)​ 
  • Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator​ 
  • Advanced Smart Gas Meter (NexMeter)​ 
  • Lithium Primary Cell (CR-AGZ)​ 
  • Lithium Primary Cell (CR-LAZ)
  • Residential Natural Gas Ultrasonic Measurement Unit (GB-F9CM6***)​ 
  • Gas Meter Kit with Safety Functions 
  • Gas Pressure Detection (DPH-100 / DPC-100)​ 
  • Industry 4.0 Gateway​ FP-I4C 
  • ​ Smart Grid Gateway IoT Bridge​ 
  •  High-Speed Detection of Smallest Liquid Leaks (EX Series)​ 
  • Contactless Object and Position Detection (GX-F/H Series)​ 
  • Highly Scalable Wireless Mesh for Control & Monitoring​​ 

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1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris

48.831105, 2.2905547