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Connectivity is an essential requirement for state-of-the-art industrial automation. Today, you are challenged more than ever to connect equipment and production lines: the emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for many industries requires factory-wide networking. While implementing a succesful IIoT strategy poses significant challenges, the potential for optimization it offers and its ability to future-proof your business is invaluable.



You‘ve got the vision; we´ve got the solutions. Let us assist you with your journey through the entire IIoT process.  Our promise „You can rely on us“ comes to life with:

•    high quality products and solutions you can easily work with
•    local support from our experts: close to where you are located, but with global back-up.

Your Guide through the IIoT

Connectivity by Panasonic Industry

Start connecting your equipment and production lines and learn how to set up your IIoT process.

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With an extensive automation portfolio of product and technology solutions. Panasonic Industry is your partner for tackling the tasks to connect your equipment via the IIoT.

Connectivity by Panasonic Industry FPI4C

With numerous integrated protocols and standards like OPC UA, MQTT, HTTPS and many more, the FP-I4C is your gateway to the IIoT delivering remote access to your machines.

Other highlights include two separate Ethernet ports and the ability to store information on internal memory. With numerous integrated protocols like OPC UA and MQTT, the IIoT communicator FP-I4C can be the backbone of your Industry 4.0 set up.

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Connectivity by Panasonic Industry Corvina Cloud

Corvina is an OpenVPN- and SSL-based solution that enables the connection of your machines anywhere in the field to a centralized server. You can use it to control and maintain your production lines via remote access, or to gather data to analyze and optimize your manufacturing processes.

To fulfil the best possible security standards, Corvina follows the standards ISO 27002, IEC 62443-2-4 and NIST Cyber security Framework 1.0.

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Connectivity by Panasonic Industry HMs700

The HMs panel is more than just a display panel – in combination with the Corvina Connectivity Service it can serve as gateway to the IIoT. You can use it to access the machine data remotely and connect the machine to your network via Ethernet.

The capacitive touchscreen and multiple mounting options make the panel very user friendly.

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