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DP-100 pressure sensor

High resolution pressure sensor with dual 3-colour display.

High resolution pressure sensor with dual 3-colour display

Highly accurate and reliable pressure sensor with multifunction (analogue voltage output operation indicator). 'Current value' and 'threshold value' can be checked at the same time to improve ease of operation and visual checking. A clear 12-segment display makes this easy. With the unique copy function, man-hours and human errors are reduced. Various types of applications can be realised thanks to three output modes and a wide range of modules allowing pressure from -1 to +10 bars to be measured.

New: M8 connector type available.


  • High resolution and repeatability
  • Low and high pressure types
  • Dual 3-colour display (red, green, orange); industry first
  • Analogue output
  • Current and threshold value in one view
  • Copy function; new global standard
  • Three operation modes, easy setting
  • Equipped with an ECO mode
  • Easy installation
  • M8 connector type



  • Connector
  • Connector attached cable 1, 3, 5m
  • Sensor mounting bracket
  • Panel mounting bracket
  • Front protection cover
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Typical applications

DP-100 pressure sensor applications
  • Confirming suction of electronic component
  • Confirming reference pressure
  • Leak test for PET bottles


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