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Smart connectivity solutions from Panasonic Industry

Connectivity is at the very heart of modern life. Smart cities, smart mobility, smart buildings, smart homes: all rely on information which must be gathered and then transmitted. To enable smart connectivity, three key functions must be implemented:

Powering. Sensing. Transmitting.

Panasonic Industry has pioneered smart connectivity for over one hundred years, and now offers a wealth of innovative component technologies that are essential for state-of-the-art smart connected applications, taking energy-efficiency, sustainability and ease-of-application to the next level. Our components are made with a green impact – produced in facilities that support our sustainability goals, and which are on track to honour our commitment to achieve net zero CO2 emissions at all our operating companies by 2030.

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You’ve got the vision, we’ve got the solutions. We assist customers as they journey through the design process. Our promise is that they can rely on us. Specifically, we’ll:

  • deliver high quality, innovative solutions that address their pain points;
  • provide local, expert support, regionally close to the customer but with global back-up.

Demos & Technologies

To explain its portfolio of smart connectivity solutions and how the various product technologies can be combined, Panasonic Industry has a number of demos covering its innovative Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Mesh modules, easy-to-use PIR motion sensors, Amorton solar cells for energy harvesting applications, Grid-EYE thermal sensors, the 6DoF inertial sensor as well as long-life Lithium primary industrial batteries.

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Innovative Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Mesh modules

wireless connectivity by Panasonic Industry

Panasonic offers a full range of modules to ensure customers can add efficient wireless connectivity simply and quickly.

Our range targets markets such as Infrastructure, Building Automation, Medical, Smart Factory, Lighting and Energy Management and includes: Bluetooth® Low Energy & Classic Modules; IEEE 802.15.4 Modules; Wi-Fi Modules; and Matter Modules. These easy-to-use, highly optimized modules are fully certified to speed time-to-market.

Get to market fast using our pre-certified Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 modules – click for video!

Easy-to-use PIR motion sensors

PIR motion sensors by Panasonic Industry

Passive or pyroelectric infrared sensors are thermal detectors. They react to a change in infrared heat radiation in the environment – caused, for example, by a moving person (or object). Panasonic Industry’s latest PaPIRs comprises the EKMB device for battery-powered applications (1µA, 2µA and 6µA; digital output) and the EKMC part for wired designs (170µA; digital and analogue output).

Markets and applications include Building Automation, Safety & Security, Smart Infrastructure, Ambient Assisted Living, Space Management, Lighting Control, Intrusion Alarms, Street Lighting, Care of the Elderly, Hot Desking and Wake-up Sensor Systems.

Find the right motion sensor for your application – click here!

Miniature Grid-EYE infrared array sensors

Grid-EYE by Panasonic Industry

Available in a tiny 11.6x8x4.3mm surface mount package, this infra-red non-contact sensor is used to detect heat sources and measure temperature. Comprising 64 individual thermopile elements arranged in an 8x8 matrix, the sensor has 36°, 60° or 90° field of view and can be very easily integrated into IoT applications including person-tracking.

Markets and applications include: Smart Home, Smart Building, Appliances, Air-Conditioning, Human Detection (count and direction)

Low cost, miniature thermal sensors for smart embedded applications – click here!

6DoF inertial sensor

6DoF inertial sensor by Panasonic Industry

This ASIL-B(D)-qualified sensor facilitates advanced system such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), autonomous driving, and more. In a robust yet compact package measuring just 4.5x4.5x1.1mm the sensor detects 6DoF data which - comprising 3 axis (forward and backward, left and right, up and down) of acceleration (Acc) and gyro data.

Targeting automotive, off-highway and personal mobility applications as well as motion sensing for industrial machinery and transportation, the goal is to deliver a safer society through safer mobility.

Get precise state and motion data for any moving vehicle or asset – here’s how!

Amorton - amorphous solar cells for energy harvesting

Amorton - amorphous solar cells by Panasonic Industry

Designed for energy harvesting in both indoor and/or outdoor environments, new Amorton solar cells (a-Si:H) feature enhanced efficiency (10-15%) and a sleek, modern design measuring just 0.11mm – 1.6mm in profile.

Energy harvesting is inherently sustainable, and these devices have market proven reliability in applications including, Building Automation, IoT Asset Tracking, Retail, Consumer Goods, Wristwatches, Wireless Sensors, Asset Trackers, Electronic Shelf Labels, Status Monitoring, Remote Controls, Smart Beacons, and Wearable Tags.

Design practical indoor energy harvesting solutions today – watch our video!

Long life Lithium primary industrial batteries

Long life Lithium primary industrial batteries by Panasonic Industry

Panasonic Industry has brought its extensive knowledge of batteries to its range of products for use in industrial applications that demand long life and good environmental performance. The company offers a wide range of coin and cylindrical cells, that deliver industry-leading high performance. Devices feature: low self-discharge (<1% per year at 20°C); stable internal resistance; a wide temperature range (-40 to +125°C) and excellent pulse discharging characteristics.

Due to Panasonics unique CR technology, which is not affected by passivation, the battery voltage is retained over a period of many years and battery life is over 15 years. 
Target markets include Smart Infrastructure, Automotive, Security, Building Automation, Industrial Meters, LPWA network devices, TPMS, E-Call and Door Locks.

Long-life, reliable batteries for metering and more - click here!

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Events and trade shows

Experience Panasonic Industry’s latest smart connectivity solutions at Embedded World 2024

At Embedded World 2024 from 9th to 11th April in Nuremberg, Germany, Panasonic Industry will be showcasing its latest smart connectivity solutions in Hall 4A on Stand 103
Panasonic Industry Connectivity 2024 IDBD

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