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Panasonic batteries for Metering applications

To ensure trouble-free data security, utility meters need a reliable power source.
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High quality batteries for professionals - this is what Panasonic stands for

Panasonic is one of the world‘s largest battery manufacturers with more than 90 years of experience in the production of high-quality industrial batteries. Find the right battery for your portable or stationary device. We are able to power your business in virtually all applications.

Panasonic batteries for industrial Metering applications

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We can power your application such as

  • Gateways
  • Heat cost allocators
  • Electricity meters
  • Gas meters
  • Water meters

To ensure trouble-free data security, utility meters need a reliable power source. The battery must function reliably even under widely fluctuating ambient temperatures and must also be designed for a long service life to reduce maintenance costs. In the case of automated meter reading, the battery must also be able to deliver high pulse currents even after long periods.

Lithium batteries for long-term use

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Our Lithium batteries are ideal for long-term use in applications with different temperature requirements. Due to Panasonics unique CR technology, which is not affected by passivation, the battery voltage is retained over a period of many years. With a life of more than 15 years, our batteries therefore always deliver reliable power even after long storage.

Features of our Lithium batteries

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No passivation
Icon 126_Low self-discharge_RGB_white_50x50.png
Low self-discharge
Icon 128_Stable internal resistance_RGB_white_50x50.png
Stable internal resistance
Icon 124_Wide temperature range_RGB_white_50x50.png
Wide temperature range
Icon 127_No capacitor required_RGB_white_50x50.png
No capacitor required

Lithium coin type batteries for high temperatures (BR-A series)

The high energy density and special materials used for the gasket and separator make this industrial battery series the ideal energy source for high ambient temperature applications. Last but not least Panasonic has years of experience in the production of such devices.

BR-2477A Features

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  • Ideal for high temperature applications
  • Wide temperature range (-40 to 125°C)
  • Low self-discharge (<0.5% per year at 20°C)

BR-A series applications

Icon 45_Water-meter_RGB_white_50x50.png
Water meter
Icon 44_Heat-cost-allocators_RGB_white_50x50.png
Heat cost allocator
Icon 76_Electricity-meter_RGB_white_50x50.png
Electricity meter

Lithium cylindrical type batteries (CR series/long life type)

These Panasonic Lithium cylindrical batteries are ideal for industrial equipment. They offer both excellent high-rate discharge performance and a long service life. In other words they are the perfect fit for demanding applications.

Cylindrical type batteries CR series features

Lithium Cylindrical Group_500x282px.jpg


  • Stable internal resistance
  • Excellent pulse discharging characteristics
  • Wide temperature range (-40 to 85°C)
  • Low self-discharge (<1% per year at 20°C)

The new CR-LAZ cylindrical Lithium battery (long life type)


Our new CR-LAZ Lithium battery is especially designed for applications such as

  • Gas meters
  • Water meters
  • Gateways
  • Fire alarms
  • IoT / sensing devices


  • Enables a long-term operation of devices which is difficult to replace batteries  frequently
  • Wide range operating temperature
  • Excellent high-pulse discharging performance


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PDF Lithium batteries leaflet Metering.pdf Lithium batteries leaflet Metering.pdf 2MB English

Measuring as much as you can – greater safety with Panasonic batteries

Buildings are equipped with extensive safety and metering technology. These systems not only ensure the convenient supply of gas, water and electricity, but also make use of these resources more economically and more safely -as an example, they can provide a warning of potential dangers. Many of these applications use industrial batteries from Panasonic. Take a look at our video!

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