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Energy & Building

Build energy-efficient and safe infrastructure quality solutions with our products.
Discover our batteries, photovoltaic modules and others.

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Energy & Building


Find the right battery to power your application. From single cells to assembled battery packs and unique energy storage systems.
Fire and Security
Energy & Building

Commercial Fire & Security

Panasonic provides innovative and reliable fire alarm solutions for commercial market.
Energy building amorphous solar teaser
Energy & Building

Amorphous Solar Cells

Amorton thin film cells are available on rigid and flexible substrates for indoor and outdoor use, as standard cells or customized solutions.
Energy & Building

Power tools

Panasonic Li-ion Cordless Power Tools - Dynamic innovation, advanced ergonomics and state of the art design with over 40 years’ experience.
home-iot product teaser
Energy & Building

Home IoT

Learn more about 'What's Panasonic Home IoT'.
showing smart meters used as teaser picture
Energy & Building

Smart meters

Key components and services for efficient and safe smart meters
Teaser image for fuel cell technology
Energy & building

Fuel cell technology

Outlook for a hydrogen society

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