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EV Charging solutions

E-mobility is in the core DNA of Panasonic. For decades, we have been developing and supplying solutions for all kinds of electric vehicles.
capacitors polymer OS-CON replacement Electrolytic Capacitors Panasonic Industry

OS-CON™ capacitors as replacement for electrolytic capacitors

Same Voltage, Same Capacitance, Same Footprint!
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Passive components






Inductors (coils)


Circuit protection

Electromechanic & couplers

relay polarized


Components connectors


Components rotary input devices

Rotary Input Devices

components switches


Relay Coupler




Primary batteries


Secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries)


Battery packs & modules

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Amorphous Solar Cells

Sensors & wireless connectivity

sensors components



Wireless Connectivity

Devices gps antenna

GPS Antenna

Thermal solutions

thermal solutions graphite-TIM

Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

thermal-solutions cooling-fan

Cooling fans

thermal solutions vip vacuum insulation panel

Vacuum insulation panels

Systems & custom products

e-bike motor GX ULTIMATE

Panasonic Cycle Technology



Reciprocating Compressors Variable Speed


electronic materials beyolex

BEYOLEX™ Thermosetting Stretchable Film

home-iot product teaser

Home IoT

Fire and Security

Fire & Security


Power tools

Automation devices & solutions

Sensors for Factory Automation

Sensores para Automatización Industrial

Servo drives teaser

Motores industriales

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) teaser

Autómatas lógicos programables (PLC)

Human machine interfaces

Pantallas táctiles de operación


Medidores de energía



Factory automation components

Componentes para la automatización industrial

Laser marking

Marcado láser

Laser welding

Laser welding

Material flow management solutions

Material flow management solutions

Product, application and corporate news

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Latest corporate news, product releases and application insights from Panasonic Industry‘s entire world of components and solutions.
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New product introductions

PAN1782 - the happy medium

New PAN1782 with 512 kB flash complements Panasonic's series of state-of-the-art BLE modules.
New product introductions

New 1500V PhotoMOS® relay targets industrial BMS

New PhotoMOS® HE relay series delivers increased creepage & clearance, stable on-resistance over lifetime, and unlimited switching cycles
electronic materials teaser
Application Insights

Panasonic electronic materials at space

Panasonic to conduct space exposure experiments aiming to develop
cutting-edge electronic materials for aerospace applications
Application Insights

New electric fan motor helps miniaturizing outdoor HVAC units like monobloc heat pumps

Less weight, far better handling: Redesign of the fan motor’s core magnetic structure reduces HVAC units in terms of height and weight
New product introductions

New EVP-BT series of thin type SMD tactile switches

Ready for a wide range of applications: EVP-BT series switches benefit from a low profile height of only 4.3mm and different terminal options
PaPIRS Artikel Teaser
Application Insights

22 years of PaPIRs - a success story

Developed from the ground up over 22 years,
production of PaPIRs has exceeded 100 million
units. Here we go behind the scenes of the product,
which will be key to a data-driven society.
New product introductions

Unshield your ideas: New PAN1770 BLE module for radio-unfavourable applications

PAN1770 module solves the challenge of difficult housing conditions shielding radio waves
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Fairs and events

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Information on industry fairs, events and trade shows - online and physically.
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Teaser for MSV International Engineering Fair
Trade fair

MSV International Engineering Fair

Visit Panasonic Industry and learn more about our innovative technologies in the field of Automation Devices & Solutions.
Arrow Iberia Electrónica 2022

Arrow Iberia Electrónica

A day dedicated to the novelties and trends of the market in the different technologies.
TechBlick LIVE! - The Future of Electronics RESHAPED

TechBlick LIVE!

The Future of Electronics RESHAPED
Smart Buildings Show 2022
Trade fair

Smart Buildings Show 2022

Learn about our wide portfolio of PIR sensors.
The Engineering Design Show 2022
Trade fair

The Engineering Design Show 2022

Learn about our wide portfolio of relays, connectors etc.
Anwenderforum Relaistechnik

Anwenderforum Relaistechnik

Panasonic Industry is Gold Partner of the Forum and invites you to discover the latest innovations on relay technology.
Logo Power and Electronics fair

Power of Electronics

Panasonic invites you to the Power of Electronics that connects 6 special conferences discussing crucial topics such as efficient power supply.
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