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Batteries for Metering applications

To ensure trouble-free data security, utility meters need a reliable power source.
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Ultra Wide and Long Distance Type

The new Panasonic Passive Infrared Motion Sensor (PaPIRs)
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fairs events Arrow Multi Solution Day 2023

Arrow MultiSolutionDay Portugal 2023

Experience a Day in Porto dedicated to the latest innovations and trends in the electronic component sector.
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E & A fair 2023

Come visit us at Electronics & Applications 2023 and shape the future together

Discover the latest industrial electronics at the fair and visit our stand for depth and inspiration.
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Smart Buildings Show 2023

Step into the Future of Buildings Automation: Join Panasonic Industry at the Smart Buildings Show 2023!
Visit Us at Stand E32 - Smart Buildings Show 2023
Exploring the Future of Buildings Automation.
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MSV - International Engineering Fair 2023

MSV - International Engineering Fair 2023

We would like to invite you to visit our stand at International Engineering Fair 2023 in Brno. From 10 to 13 October 2023 you will find us at fairground BVV in Brno.
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Passive components



Resistor Panasonic Industry



Inductors (coils)

Circuit Protection Panasonic Industry

Circuit protection

Electromechanic & couplers

Relay: Polarized Panasonic Industry


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Components rotary input devices Teaser Panasonic Industry

Rotary Input Devices

Switches: Teaser Panasonic Industry


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Primary batteries

Batteries: Secondary group horizontal Panasonic Industry

Secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries)

Batteries: Packs Module Design Panasonic Industry

Battery packs & modules

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Amorphous Solar Cells

Sensors & wireless connectivity

Sensors components Panasonic Industry


Wireless connectivity Panasonic Industry

Wireless Connectivity

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GPS Antenna

Thermal solutions

Thermal solutions graphite-TIM Panasonic Industry

Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

Thermal Solutions cooling Fan Panasonic Industry

Cooling fans

Thermal solutions vip vacuum insulation panel Panasonic Industry

Vacuum insulation panels

Systems & custom products

e-bike motor GX ULTIMATE from Panasonic Industry

Panasonic Cycle Technology

Motors Panasonic Industry


Reciprocating Compressors Variable Speed Panasonic Industry


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Home IoT

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Electronic materials

Fire and Security Panasonic Industry

Fire & Security

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Power tools

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Smart meters

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Fuel cell technology

Automation devices & solutions

Sensors for Factory Automation Panasonic Industry

Senzory pro automatizaci výroby

Servo drives Teaser Panasonic Industry

Průmyslové motory​

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) teaser Panasonic Industry

Programovatelné logické automaty (PLC)

Human machine interfaces Panasonic Industry

Rozhraní člověk – stroj

Eco-POWER METERS Teaser Panasonic Industry


Ionizers Teaser Panasonic Industry


Laser marking Teaser Panasonic Industry

Laser marking

Laser welding Teaser Panasonic Industry

Laser welding

Material flow management solutions

Systém pro řízení toku materiálu

Product, application and corporate news

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Latest corporate news, product releases and application insights from Panasonic Industry‘s entire world of components and solutions.
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Hybrid capacitors ZUU Series
New product introductions

Panasonic Industry releases new ZUU series

New polymer hybrid capacitors benefit from highest ripple current handling capability combined with largest capacitance and lowest ESR values.
Cooperations and partnerships

User story: The greatest precision for the smallest drop

Reliable results require unambiguous conditions. BioFluidix specialises in this, with dosing technology for liquid of the smallest amounts and has already developed and patented many.
Events and trade shows

Join the seminar on e-mobility in Utrecht

See how connectivity is going next-level during E&A 2023. How electrification is getting a big boost. Visit the many exhibitors and take part in a comprehensive seminar.
Application Insights

Passive components tailored to Solar Inverters

A solar inverter converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and is widely used in solar power generation systems - get a deep insight on our offer of tailored passive components
Product notices

New high thermal conductive film material

Panasonic Industry has developed an high-thermal conductive film named R-2400, designed explicitly for multilayer circuit boards.
ThaiGer Press Release
Cooperations and partnerships

Panasonic Industry congratulates Uni Stralsund’s ThaiGer Racing team on winning European Championship

The ThaiGer-H2-Racing Team from the University of Stralsund drives the most efficient hydrogen racing car in Europe
PaPIRs Ultra Wide and Long Distance Detection Type
New product introductions

Motion sensing for street lighting and aisle applications made easy

Panasonic Industry introduces the new PaPIRs Ultra Wide and Long Distance Detection Type
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Fairs and events

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Information on industry fairs, events and trade shows - online and physically.
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Electronics & Applications fair 2023
Trade fair

Electronics & Applications fair

Electronics & Applications is the fair for industrial electronics in the Benelux.
All about automation Chemnitz 2023
Trade fair

All about automation Chemnitz 2023

Join us at booth 1-345. Panasonic Industry is coming to your area – get a first-hand experience of our automation products and our laser marking systems in Chemnitz .
MSV - International Engineering Fair 2023
Trade fair

MSV - International Engineering Fair 2023

At the stand, we will have a fiber marking laser in a workstation and servomotors 3x400V with precise control via GM1 unit available for practical testing.
Logo for Fair TechBlick

TechBlick LIVE! - The Future of Electronics RESHAPED

TechBlick is hosting the premier conference and exhibition on re-shaping the future of electronics.
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