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NA1-PK5 photoelectric sensor

The NA1-PK5 series is an area sensor which prevents the wrong part from being picked.

Slim body picking sensor

The NA1-PK5 series is a new area sensor which prevents the wrong part from being picked. With its ultrathin design, you can really save space. The sensor incorporates a high visibility job indicator with 8 orange LEDs. The picking location can be easily confirmed, even in a brightly lit workplace. The sensing range of 1.2m is suitable for large parts boxes. A PNP output type is also available.


  • Slim body
  • Excellent mutual interference prevention function
  • Selectable detection operation
  • Lighting pattern selectable
  • PNP output type is available
  • CE marked   


  • Sensor mounting brackets
  • Sensor protection brackets
  • Slit mask
  • Mating cable (2m, 5m)
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Typical applications

NA1-PK3 / NA1-PK5 applications
  • Cell production line
  • Assembly line


Name File Type Size Date Language
PDF Brochure Capteurs Catalog, Shortform 32.5 MB 13.09.2021 French
PDF Catálogo Resumen Sensores Data sheet 30.6 MB 28.04.2021 Spanish
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PDF Data sheet NA1-PK5 Data sheet 2.1 MB English
ZIP NA1-PK5 2D Data CAD 15.5 KB 01.06.2007
ZIP NA1-PK5 3D Data CAD 493.9 KB 01.06.2007
PDF NA1-PK5 Instruction Manual Manual 138.3 KB 01.02.2011 English
PDF Programma Sensori Catalog, Shortform 2.6 MB 11.01.2021 Italian
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori Data sheet 24.2 KB 20.12.2018 Italian
PDF Sensori Fotoelettrici Guida tecnica Data sheet, Technical information 1.9 MB Italian
PDF Senzory - Zkrácená verze Catalog, Shortform 10.1 MB Czech
PDF Short Form Sensors for Factory Automation Catalog, Shortform 32.7 MB 08.07.2021 English
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