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NA1-11 photoelectric sensor

Cross-beam area sensors for small objects.

Cross-beam area sensors

The NA1-11 sensor detects objects in a field of up to 10 x 100cm. This makes it particularly well suited to applications for which the position of the objects to be detected varies. This sensor is based on innovative cross-beam technology in which the infrared beam of each individual emitter element is sent to all receiver elements. This allows even small and narrow objects, such as letters, to be securely detected. At just 10mm wide, these light barriers help to save installation space.


  • 11 emitters and receivers elements in each case (grid spacing 10mm)
  • Range of up to 100cm
  • Maximum detection field size 10 x 100cm
  • Smallest detectable object size: Ø = 13.5mm
  • Clearly visible LED indicators (static/flashing)
  • Light ON/dark ON
  • Slim line design (10mm)


  • Mounting brackets
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Typical applications

NA1-11 applications
  • Detecting postcards
    NA1-11 can detect thin postcards due to its crossbeam scanning system.
  • Detection of haphazardly falling objects


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