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FP OPC Server

The Panasonic OPC Server allows high-performance data transfer between applications supporting the universally accepted OPC UA Standard (v1-v3) and Panasonic FP Series PLCs.

What is OPC?

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is the standard communication interface for data exchange between client applications (HMI/SCADA, control/command) and industrial devices (PLC, I/O blocks, drives, etc). OPC is built upon the proven Microsoft technologies OLE, COM and DCOM (Distributed COM). Its specifications are designed by the OPC Foundation to meet the general needs of industry. They are independent from the type of application, what means that access to the FP OPC server for any OPC client in its network is provided.


FP OPC Server features

The Panasonic OPC Server allows high-performance data transfer between applications supporting the universally accepted OPC DA Standard (v1-v3) and Panasonic FP Series PLCs.

  1. Navigator pane: shows the hierarchical structure of channel, device and tag group elements.
  2. Tag pane: shows the tag elements in a list structure. Multiple rows can be selected and changes applied to all selected elements.
  3. System log pane: displays information, warnings and error event messages.
  4. Server status pane: shows actual status information about the server application, e.g. server time, up time, connected clients and number of tags.

Features of the FP OPC Server

  • Modern and intuitive user interface allows you to configure the server. While creating the application, sophisticated user assistance helps you in your work.
  • The server complies to the following OPC DA client/server technologies:
    • OPC DA 1.0a
    • OPC DA 2.05a
    • OPC DA 3.0
  • The PLCs can be accessed via serial, modem and Ethernet communication lines.
  • State-of-the-art import / export mechanism allows you to save, exchange or edit data in XML format. Data can also be exchanged using a CSV file.
  • An icon or tool tip notifies the user about possible errors in configuration.
  • The FP OPC Server allows you to clearly structure your application, e.g. by grouping elements in meaningful hierarchies.
  • Tolerant of interruptions due to optimized communication features.
  • The time stamp of OPC tags can now be specified by a DATE_AND_TIME variable in the PLC.
  • "PLC Simulation" is now available in the channel element’s communication settings.

Ordering data

  • FP OPC Server software with one license
    Part number: AFPS03510D


Name File Type Size Date Language
PDF Brochure Automates programmables industriels Catalogue, Shortform 5.9 MB 24.11.2020 French
PDF Catálogo Resumen Autómatas Programables Catalogue, Shortform 4.6 MB 28.01.2020 Spanish
PDF Data sheet FP OPC Server Software Data sheet 5.1 MB English
PDF FP OPC Server Data sheet 1.3 MB 07.08.2018 German
ZIP FP OPC Server Basic Version: The OPC Server software offers a full functionality… Software 54.7 MB 17.12.2020 English
PDF FP OPC Server User's Manual, ACGM0143V5EN Manual 4.6 MB 02.12.2020 English
ZIP FP OPC Server, full and update version UPDATE: The update needs at minimum a alr… Software 54.8 MB 17.12.2020 English
PDF FP Serie Controllori Programmabili Catalogue, Shortform 13.4 MB Italian
PDF Short Form Programmable Logic Controllers Catalogue, Shortform 6 MB 07.09.2020 English
PDF Übersicht Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerungen Catalogue, Shortform 2.6 MB 20.10.2016 German