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Web Datalogger Unit

Establish data logging and remote monitoring systems with simple setup.

Easy data collection and logging

Simply connect the Datalogger unit (DLU) to target equipment to collect and log data. Realize numerous applications, such as measuring energy consumption in buildings, remote temperature control of facilities, monitoring operation log data of production lines.

Web Datalogger Unit advantages

  1. No special software is required to configure the DLU or monitor data. Simply use the Internet Explorer to open the setting screen (HTML file) stored on the F-ROM in the DLU.
  2. There are three ways to collect data: serial communication, direct bus connection and pulse input. The data is saved on a CF card in CSV format.
  3. The CSV files can be downloaded in three different ways: via CF card (off-line), using FTP in a LAN environment, and remote downloading using the DLU as a PPP server.
  4. A timing trigger in the DLU can be set to generate CSV log files and send them as an e-mail attachment to a computer.