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Ionizers: solve your problems caused by static electricity

Ionizers are specialized devices that remove a static charge on a surface.

What ionizers do

What do ionizers?

There are many production processes where electrostatic charges disturb smooth operation. To eliminate static, ionizers are used. One typical field of application is the semiconductor industry where the components are extremely sensitive and can even be damaged by high electric static charges. Another example is the printing industry: Here friction between the rollers and the paper generates static. The static makes the paper cling and not move correctly through the printing machine. Especially when printing on vinyl or plastics, electrostatic charges need to be removed. In the packaging industry, plastic sleeves or foils tend to stick to each other, which can be prevented with an ionizer eliminate static. A general problem in assembling processes is the adhesion of dust and dirt particles. Contamination of workpieces can be prevented by having static eliminators neutralize and blow away undesired particles.

Please find here more ionizers

EC-G02 ionizer

The pulse air-gun ionizer offers easy neutralization of static electricity during the manual cleaning process.

ER-V Ionizer

Ultra compact high-performance ionizer.

ER-VW ionizer

Ionizer with adjustable nozzle angles.

EF-S1 electrostatic sensor

Constant monitoring of static charges on production lines.