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ER-VW ionizer

Ionizer with adjustable nozzle angles.


  • Nozzle angle adjustment
    The angles of the two nozzles can be adjusted within a range of approximately 190° by screwing down the ends of the nozzles.
  • Compact and ultrathin design
    The thickness of the unit is 18.9mm. Since the nozzle angles can be adjusted, the unit can be installed even if there is little space due to the presence of other equipment.
  • Minimum air consumption ℓ/min.
    The ER-VW series can utilize air flow levels starting from a minimum of 15 l/min. Because the amount of air consumed is so low, the load placed on air supply equipment can be reduced.
  • Air supply monitoring function
    This function causes discharging to stop automatically if the supply of air drops below a certain pressure. When this happens, the AIR indicator lights up and the discharge output (DSC) turns off. This ensures a constant discharging.
  • Easy connection possible
    The joint kit (optional) can be used to connect up to a maximum of 5 ER-VW units. The air supply part is connected via quick connection joints, and the power supply and inputs / outputs can also be connected easily using connection cables with connectors at both ends.
    Multiple ER-VW units can be connected to provide charge removal layouts that suit the target equipment.


Type Spot type
Charge removal time (±1000V➔±100V) Max. 1s (note 1)
Ion balance Max. ±10 V (note 1)
Ozone generation Max. 0.05ppm (note 2)
Applicable fluid Air (dried clean air) (note 3)
Supplied air flow Max. 60ℓ/min. (ANR)
Air pressure range 0.05 to 0.5MPa
Supply voltage 24 V DC ±10%
Current consumption Max. 120mA
Discharge method High frequency AC method
Discharge output voltage Approx. 2000 V
Output - Check (CHECK) / Error (ERROR) / Discharge (DSC) NPN open-collector transistor › Maximum sink current: 50mA › Applied voltage: max. 30 V DC (between check output and 0 V) › Residual voltage: max. 1 V (at 50mA sink current)
Output operation Check output (CHECK): ON when the discharge needle is dirty or worn, OFF when operation is normal Error output (ERROR): OFF when abnormal discharge is detected, ON when operation is normal Discharge output (DSC): ON when discharging, OFF when discharge halts
Short-circuit protection Incorporated
Discharge halt input (DSC OFF) Short-circuit to 0 V: Discharge halt, Open: Discharge allowed (operation start)
Reset input (RESET) Discharge halt and reset ERROR = 0 V; Discharge = open
Accessories Connection cable: 1 pc. (length 500mm), End connector (9 pin): 1 pc., Lead wire for connecting F.G.: 1 pc.


  1. A typical sample applied with a supply voltage of 24 V, a distance of 100mm from the front surface of the air flow outlet and a pressure of 0.25MPa. (measured on a sample left in the atmosphere at a relative humidity of max. 65% RH for at least 24 hours).
  2. A typical sample applied with a supply voltage of 24 V, a distance of 300mm from the front surface of the air flow outlet and a pressure of 0.25MPa.
  3. The dried clean air is defined for air passing through air dryer (dew point: equivalent of -20°C) and air filter (mesh-size: equivalent of 0.01μm).


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