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ER-Q ionizer

Compact ionizer using a fan and the high frequency AC method.


By using our high-frequency AC method and “Sirocco fan”, the ER-Q ionizer can remove electrostatic charge even at slow fan speeds. ER-Q ionizers are extremely compact and particularly well suited for removing localized electrostatic charge on manufacturing equipment for electronic equipment or in semiconductor processes. And ER-Q ionizers require no compressed air or awkward air lines that get in the way and require additional maintenance.


  • Compact design (65x60x33mm)
  • Fan type, no need for compressed air
  • Easy maitenance of needle and air filter
  • Mountable in any direction


  • Connector for wiring


  • AC adapter
  • Cables 2m and 5m
  • Discharge needle unit
  • Air filter (5pcs=1set)
  • Mounting bracket


Type Compact fan type
Model no. ER-Q
Ion balance +/-10V or less
Charge removal time Approx. 1.5s (1,000V -> 100V)
Applicable fluid Air
Max. fan speed 6.4m/s
Max. fan volume 0.2m3/min
Power supply voltage 24V DC +/-10%
Power consumption 200mA or less
Discharge method High-frequency AC method
Ambient temperature 0 to + 50°C (No dew condensation)
Ambient humidity 35 to 65% RH (No dew condensation)
Material PBT, discharge needle unit: tungsten
Weight Approx. 110g