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MINAS A6SE servo driver

The basic type for position control.


  • 50W to 5kW,  1/3-phase, 200V 
  • Basic version with position control 
  • Position control  with dig. I/O 

Response frequency: 2kHz bandwidth (velocity response)


Fast response allows precise processing of metal surfaces

Figure: Numerous interference bands

Ultrafast response frequency: 3.2kHz bandwidth (velocity response)


Smooth surface, like a mirror!

Figure: Hardly any interference bands

Real-time auto-gain tuning


Automatic tuning after completion of multiple operations.

The automatic vibration suppression function minimizes damage to the equipment. Additional mode and stiffness parameters enable easy response frequency-optimization for specific machine types such as high-friction, belt-driven machines or machines with low-friction ball screw drives.

Figure: Drive types

  1. Ball screw drive
  2. Belt drive

Improved vibration suppression


Vibrations when braking to a standstill have now been significantly reduced. This has shortened the transient recovery time considerably.

Figure: Comparison of transient recovery curves

  1. Ball screw drive
  2. Belt drive

Manual and automatic notch filters


Highly sensitive notch filters log vibration frequencies and adapt them automatically.

Manual and automatic damping filters


Damping filters that can be set automatically suppress the equipment's resonance and the natural vibration frequency component of the command input, which greatly reduces axis vibration at machine stoppage.

Improved suppression of load variations

  • Reduction of  transient recovery time during positioning
  • Stable movement for multiple-joint robot With / without load or with variable load

Semi/fully enclosed position control loop


The A6 series enables a setting value of 8Mpps and a response with 4Mpps. This allows for high resolution as well as high-speed operation.


A5: Setting value 4Mpps
A6: Setting value 8Mpps

Block operation with digital I/Os (like MINAS A4P)


Up to 256 block can be controlled via I/O terminal units, PLCs, switches, etc.


Type Basic
RS485 communication
RTEX - - - x -
EtherCAT - - - - x
External encoder - - x x
Safety function STO - - x x
RS232/485 (Modbus) - x x -
Velocity control, torque control - - x x
Position control with dig. I/O (like MINAS A4P) x x x -
Position control x x x x


MINAS A6 series A6SE A6SG A6SF A6N A6B
Rated power 50W–5kW (200V AC), 200W–5kW (400V AC) 
Supply voltage 1/3-phase (200V AC), 3-phase (400V AC)
Bandwidth (velocity response) 3200Hz
Rated rotational speed 2000–3000rpm
Max. rotational speed 3000–6500rpm
Rated torque 0.16–15.9Nm (200V AC), 0.64–23.9Nm (400V AC)
Peak torque 0.48–47.7Nm (200V AC), 2.23–71.6Nm (400V AC)
Control functions Position control Position, velocity, and torque control
IP degree of protection (motor) IP67
Control input Pulse Pulse, analog Network