Check and manage the air quality in your room to ensure its always a pleasant environment

The thing that humans ingest most of each day is air.

Air pollution can affect your health, through allergies or infection.

That’s why Panasonic are focusing on clean air for our homes. Careful control of air quality helps to create a healthy home.

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  1. Check the pollen status
    You can also check pollen levels including tree, grass and ragweed pollen.
    Tap to open the detailed air quality screen.
    The colour of the dots change depending on the situation (5 stages).
  2. Weather update for your local area
  3. Check pollution levels
    The icon indicates air quality.
  4. Room temperature and humidity readings
    Room temperature and humidity information is provided.
    Information is displayed for a configurable range of rooms.
  5. Ventilation alert
    This icon lets you know it’s time to ventilate a room.

Display details

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Pollen status

home-iot option1 img3

The colour of the dots change depending on the situation:

  • Very low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very high
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Weather update

home-iot option1 img5

Pollution levels

home-iot option1 img7

Room temperature and humidity readings

6. Current humidity

7. Current temperature

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Ventilation alert

Temperature/ Humidity sensor

home-iot iao-management sensor

IAQ Management from the Option Menu includes a Temperature / Humidity Sensor (MKG1301913, MKG1302913).

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