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Key components for efficient and safe smart meters.
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Hydrogen will pay off in the Future - Smart meter infos from Panasonic Industry

White paper Smart Gas Metering - How new technologies help utilities in energy management transition

Panasonic Industry surveyed over 100 experts from major utilities and technology providers in Europe to get their views on end-user expectations.

In this white paper, we discuss why the industry strongly believes that the future lies in a smart and data-driven distribution network and why customers are not fully aware of the positive impact on their consumption.

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How to reach responsible energy usage for a greener planet

A smart meter provides the objective tracking of utility energy consumption that occurs on the system or outlet it is attached to.

The "smart" feature of the meter lets it control the flow of the resource being used, such as natural gas, water or electricity. The smart aspect also allows the meter to be controlled remotely.

More than 30 years of experience for Smart Gas Meters

Panasonic has been contributing to the gas market with the best quality and development flexibility since 1978.

With Infrastructure (AMR/AMI) & Wireless Solutions, they entered the market in 2004 and the ultrasonic devices were introduced in 2009. 

Smart metering experience of 30 years from Panasonic

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