VRLA trickle super long life type (LC-QA) batteries (EOL)

This Valve-Regulated Lead Acid line-up features a trickle design life of 15 years at 20°C and is known as our trickle super long life type. Our batteries have a flame-retardant container as standard.

Valve-Regulated Lead Acid trickle super long life batteries

The excellent product quality of these batteries is due to an innovative lead-calcium-tin alloy which minimises harmful corrosion to the positive electrode, very reliable terminal sealing using epoxy resin, and last but not least, a flame-retardant container. These batteries are ideal for infrastructure applications such as telecommunications, UPS systems and as the back-up for train crossings.

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  • Trickle design life up to 15 years at 20°C
  • Trickle super long-life type batteries
  • Suitable for general back-up conditions
  • Flame-retardant battery container (ABS UL94 V-0)
  • Very reliable terminal sealing using epoxy resin
  • Innovative lead-calcium-tin alloy which minimises harmful corrosion to the positive electrode
  • The latest LC-QA models are the result of a research programme to prolong the service life of lead acid batteries, which Panasonic started back in 1984

How to read the model numbers used for VRLA batteries

The model number designation of Panasonic VRLA batteries comprises several electric parameters including voltage, rated capacity or wattage, as well as terminal styles or sizes, intended usage condition (trickle, cycle or multi-purpose) and container material composition (HB or V0). For a detailed breakdown of each code please consult our technical handbook p. 28-29.


LC- VRLA battery
QA - trickle super long life type, flame-retardant
12 - 12V
24 - 24Ah
AP - M5 threaded posts, English label