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Solar energy type (LC-T) batteries (EOL)

The Panasonic LC-T series is perfectly designed for energy storage applications such as autonumous power supplies and solar driven appliances.

Valve-Regulated Lead Acid solar energy batteries

Our solar energy storage battery series features state-of-the-art Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology and devices are manufactured according to the highest quality control standards. Furthermore, superior design and low voltage spread provide these models with an outstanding performance. Last but not least, these batteries are available with a standard ABS (UL94 HB) battery container.

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  • State-of-the-art Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
  • Best suited to storage electricity for photovoltaic power generation.
  • Manufactured according to the highest quality control standards
  • Superior design and low voltage spread provide these models with an outstanding performance
  • Equipped with a flame-retardant battery container (ABS UL94 V-0)

How to read the model numbers used for VRLA batteries

The model number designation of Panasonic VRLA batteries comprises several electric parameters including voltage, rated capacity or wattage, as well as terminal styles or sizes, intended usage condition (trickle, cycle or multi-purpose) and container material composition (HB or V0). For a detailed breakdown of each code, please consult our technical handbook p. 28-29.


LC - VRLA battery
T- cycle long life type for energy storage
12- 12V
12- 105Ah
P- English label