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Nickel Cadmium batteries

With exceptional discharge performance and durability, our Ni-Cd batteries are well suited to tough conditions.

Nickel-Cadmium batteries from Panasonic - quality since 1964

Panasonic Nickel-Cadmium batteries have been well known for their quality since 1964. With exceptional discharge performance and durability, Cadnica batteries are well-suited to tough conditions, including power tools and emergency lighting systems. Panasonic Ni-Cd batteries feature low internal resistance, are easy to handle, and offer superior resistance to shock and vibration, and last but not least, outstanding storage characteristics.

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Ni-Cd batteries

Ni-Cd standard type batteries

These standard Ni-Cd batteries are characterised by their high capacity and good, reliable performance in many applications, proven for over 55 years.
Ni-Cd batteries

Ni-Cd rapid charge type batteries

These Ni-Cd batteries are particularly designed to be charged in less than one hour. Therefore this line-up is ideal for use in powertools etc.
Ni-Cd batteries

Ni-Cd long life type batteries

These batteries exhibit superior performance over a long period in both continuous charge and cycle modes.

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Ni-Cd high temperature type batteries

These Ni-Cd high temperature batteries offer an excellent charge efficiency and a long service life under severe temperature conditions.

Ni-Cd heat-resistant type batteries

These Nickel Cadmium batteries are designed for superior durability under severe rapid charge conditions at temperatures as high as 70°C.

Ni-Cd heat-resistant & high power type batteries

These superior Ni-Cd batteries are suitable for back-up applications where both high power and heat resistance are critical requirements.
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  • Superior resistance to shock and vibration
  • Low internal resistance
  • Outstanding storage characteristics
  • Exceptional discharge performance and durability
  • Quality proven since 1964