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Wide Area & Ultra Slight Motion Detection

Passive Pyroelectric Infrared motion sensors EKMB/EKMC with small 14mm lens for detection in large areas or small objects and movements.
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Wide Area & Ultra Slight Motion Detection shadow Panasonic Industry

One constructive prinicple – two optical purposes

The new PaPIRs are equal twins in terms of their 14mm small lens diameter and pinning structure, but each of them standing out with a particular detection performance. Both new EKMB and EKMC types are designed for either typical ceiling installation heights of 3m and for wall or corner mounted applications. The Wide Area Detection type comes with a lens diameter of only 14mm and an unrivaled large detection area of 12.9m. The Ultra Slight Motion Detection Type impresses with an extremely high and almost gapless switching zone density and an exceptionally high sensitivity for small objects or movement detection.

Key features

  • Both sensors are constructively identical
  • Extremely small lens diameter of 14mm
  • Sensitive detection of small objects and minor movements
  • Easy to use thanks to the integrated electronics
  • UV-stabilized lens, suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Digital output (open drain): 1μA, 2μA, 6μA and 170μA
  • Analog output (op-amp): 170μA
  • Lens colors: white, pearl white and black

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