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PhotoMOS® HF series with low ON resistance

Photo-coupled semiconductor relays with optimized, low ON resistance for low power dissipation and high power switching.
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Higher power for a better environment

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The latest innovation of PhotoMOS® relay technology is nothing less than a milestone in regards of power output: AQV209G HF series 1 Form A high capacity type can switch up to 1,200V 0.75A, both AC and DC loads. New materials lower the ON resistance down to 1Ω, resulting in a low power dissipation and small DIP6 (SMD & THT) housing. This unique performance renders AQV209G the perfect choice to replace reed relays or relays containing hazardous substances like mercury.


  • 1,200V load voltage
  • 0.75A load current
  • AC / DC dual use
  • 1FormA type
  • 1.0Ω ON resistance (typ.)
  • DIP6 type, SMD or THT
  • Noiseless switching
  • Endless lifetime
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output circuit


  • Industrial equipment
  • I/O modules
  • Controls
  • Measuring equipment
  • Testing equipment
  • Replacement of reed relays
  • Replacement mercury containing relays

PhotoMOS® HF series lineup

Series Datasheet Package Output configuration Load voltage AC/DC dual use I/O isolation voltage
HF 1 Form A Download DIP6 1a (1 Form A) 40, 60, 250, 400V Yes 1,500V
HF 1 Form A high capacity Download DIP6 1a (1 Form A) 1,200V Yes 1,500V


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