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SF4B safety light curtain - discontinued 30.09.2022

Safety light curtains, type 4, PLe.

Safety light curtains, type 4, PLe

More the 40 different models and modular expandability characterize the SF4B series. The compact safety light curtains, type 4 according to EN 61496-1 /-2 and performance level PLe according to EN ISO 13849, are available in 3 different beam pitches (10mm, 20mm und 40mm) and in numerous sensing heights. The series continues to stand out with its flexibility and wide range of accessories. Besides mounting brackets and extension cables, cables for series connection are available that guarantee installation free of dead zones. New: a corner mirror is now available for the series. The corner mirror substantially reduces costs under certain circumstances because wiring and mounting efforts drop sharply.


  • Diverse types (41 models)
  • No dead zone with series connection
  • Short response time (max. 14ms ON->OFF) for all sizes
  • Protective height corresponds to actual height (no dead zone)
  • OSSD1 and OSSD2 switchable for NPN/PNP
  • Integrated muting control
  • Fixed and floating blanking function
  • Self-diagnostic system with status indicator
  • No interference from extraneous light due to ELCA (Extraneous Light Check Avoid) function (especially suited for welding robots)
  • Override
  • LED display for beam-axis alignment, which simplifies mounting
  • Handy controller SFB-HC


  • Connection cables
  • External safety control units
  • Extension cables
  • Cable for series connection without dead zone
  • Sensor mounting bracket
  • Slit masks
  • External safety control units
  • Corner mirror
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Typical application

Sensors Safety light curtain SF4B applications Panasonic Industry
  • Guarding space around welding robot
    A spatter protection hood type perfect for welding devices is also available.


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