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CY-100 photoelectric sensor

CY-100 series sensors is a Cylindrical, easy to use opto electronical sensors.
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Universal, cylindrical photoelectric sensors

CY-100 series sensors are available as thru-beam, retroreflective (with and without polarization filters) and diffuse reflective types. Standard (axial) and side-view (radial) types are available, providing you with flexibility when mounting the sensors. Moreover, all sensors can be ordered as a cable type or with an M12 plug-in connector.


  • Standard or side view types
  • Cable or M12 connection
  • Available as thru-beam, retroreflective (with and without polarization filters) and diffuse reflective types
  • Diffuse reflective types include sensitivity adjuster
  • Thru-beam types include test input


  • Various reflectors
  • Variety of mounting brackets
  • For M12 connector types: 2m or 5m connection cable
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Sensors Photelectirc CY-100 applications Panasonic Industry
  • Object detection
  • Detecting specular objects
  • Object counting


Name File Type Size Date Language
PDF Brochure Capteurs Catalog, Shortform 32.5 MB 13.09.2021 French
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CY-100 series, 2D Data CAD 26.5 KB
PDF CY-100, Hoja de instrucciones Manual 2 MB 01.04.2012 Spanish
PDF CY-100, Manuale per l'uso Manual 2 MB 01.04.2012 Italian
PDF Catálogo Resumen Sensores Data sheet 30.6 MB 28.04.2021 Spanish
PDF Data sheet CY-100 Data sheet 2.9 MB English
PDF Programma Sensori Catalog, Shortform 2.6 MB 11.01.2021 Italian
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori Data sheet 24.2 KB 20.12.2018 Italian
PDF Sensor Selection Guide for Packaging Industry Catalog 14.7 MB 12.07.2022 English
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PDF Short Form Sensors for Factory Automation Catalog, Shortform 32.7 MB 08.07.2021 English
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