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FM-200 flow sensor - discontinued 31.07.2022

Flow sensor for intake and exhaust.

FM-200 flow sensor

Panasonic has developed a new digital flow sensor with integrated display for a wide range of applications. The FM-200 series can control and effectively manage flows using a variety of output modes.

The setting conditions appear on the sub display, making it much easier to keep track of operations. In addition, the 2-color digital display lets you check the sensor’s operation status at a glance.

A new rectification mechanism and Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) technology allow the sensor to be mounted on a silicon sensor chip and result in an extremely small heat capacity, high precision of ±3% F.S. and high-speed response. Two temperature sensors, one on either side of the heater, detect heat distribution and make bidirectional detection possible.


  • Easy-to-read 2-color display with sub display
  • High precision of ±3 % F.S.
  • One sensor for both intake and exhaust
  • High flow-rate type for up to 1000 l/min
  • Integrated value reset function
  • Analog voltage and digital outputs
  • Key lock function
  • Rattle prevention function (response time setting)
  • Display rate setting
  • ECO mode


  • Sensor mounting brackets
  • Panel mounting brackets
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Typical applications

FM-200 flow sensor applications
  • Checking suction
  • Checking seating
  • Monitoring air blowing and purge gas


Name File Type Size Date Language
PDF Brochure Capteurs Catalog, Shortform 32.5 MB 13.09.2021 French
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PDF FM-200 Instruction Manual, ME-FM200 Manual 634 KB 22.09.2020 English
ZIP FM-200 series, 2D Data CAD 18.2 KB
ZIP FM-200 series, 3D Data CAD 255.7 KB
PDF Programma Sensori Catalog, Shortform 2.6 MB 11.01.2021 Italian
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori Data sheet 24.2 KB 20.12.2018 Italian
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