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Modular high-speed PLC FP2SH

Last date for ordering: September 30, 2022!

Modular high-speed PLC FP2SH

Scanning time of 1ms for 20k steps. With an operating speed at the top of its class, super high-speed processing is made possible. The result is a dramatically decreased tact time and high-speed device.

Specifications FP2SH CPU

A high-performance model for high-speed operation
Scanning time of 1ms for 20k steps. With an operating speed at the top of its class, super high-speed processing is made possible. The result is a dramatically decreased tact time and high-speed device.

Large programming capacity of up to 120k steps
Large programming capacities of 60k and 120k are available, depending on the model.

Combine modules like building blocks
I/O units, intelligent units, power supply units and backplanes can be used together for the FP2 and the FP2SH. I/O units can be located anywhere on the backplane.

Optional small PC card is also available
The small PC card is available for programming backup or data memory expansion. This allows you to process great amounts of data.

Built-in comment and real-time clock functions
These functions, optional with the FP2, are built right into the FP2SH.


Performance specifications
PLC type FP2-C2, FP2-C2L, FP2-C2P, FP2-C3P
Inputs/outputs Central: max. 1600 (with 25 modules) Locally expanded: max. 8172 (via MEWNET-F or S-LINK)
Memory RAM (EPROM or FROM and IC memory card optional)
Programme memory

FP2-C2L 32,000 steps;  FP2-C2, FP2-C2P 60,000 steps;  FP2-C3P 120,000 steps

Number of instructions  
Basic instructions 95
High-level instructions 434
Operating speed 0.03µs per basic instruction
Internal relay (R) 14,192
Memory Timer/counter (T/C) 3,072
Data register (DT) 10,240 words
File register (FL) 32,765 words x 3 banks
Master control relay (MCR) 256 (1st programme: 256 points / 2nd programme: 256 points)
Jump labels (JMP + LOOP) 256 (1st programme: 256 points / 2nd programme: 256 points)
Max. main memory programme steps 1,000
Number of subroutines 100
Interrupt programme 1
Time interrupt 0.5ms to 1.5s
Other functions Test run operation, forced input/output, interrupt processing, batch conversion, function for multiple instructions in RUN mode, calendar time, computer link and modem control via the TOOL and COM port, IC card, 2MB SRAM, flash-EEPROM, ROM operation, comment input function

Power supply modules

PLC Premium FP2SH power supply Panasonic Industry
P / N Voltage Rating (at 5V side)
FP2-PSA1 100 - 120V AC 2.5A
FP2-PSA2 200 - 240V AC 2.5A
FP2-PSA3 100 - 240V AC 5A
FP2-PSD2 24V DC 5A

Input modules

Premium PLC FP2SH input modules Panasonic Industry
P / N I/O Number Voltage Connection
FP2-X16D2 16 12 - 24V DC Terminal
FP2-X32D2 32 24V DC Connector
FP2-X64D2 64 24V DC Connector

Output modules

Premium PLC FP2SH output modules Panasonic Industry
P / N I/O Number Voltage Connection
FP2-Y6R 6 relay 250V AC / 5A terminal
FP2-Y16R 16 relay 250V AC / 2A terminal
FP2-Y16P 16 transistor PNP 12-24V DC / 0.5A terminal
FP2-Y16T 16 transistor NPN 12-24V DC / 0.5A terminal
FP2-Y32P 32 transistor PNP 12-24V DC / 0.1A connector
FP2-Y32T 32 transistor NPN 12-24V DC / 0.1A connector
FP2-Y64P 64 transistor PNP 12-24V DC / 0.1A connector
FP2-Y64T 64 transistor NPN 12-24V DC / 0.1A connector

I/O mixed modules

PLC Premium FP2SH I/O mixed modules Panasonic Industry
  FP2-XY64D2T FP2-XY64D2P
Input 32
Voltage 24V DC
Response time OFF-> ON 0.3ms or less
Output 32
I/O number Transistor NPN Transistor PNP
Voltage 5 to 24V DC
Rating 0.1A (12-24V DC) 50mA (5V DC)

Analog modules

PLC Premium FP2SH analogue modules Panasonic Industry
Analog input modules
Input range

+/-100mV, +/-10V, 1-5V,thermocouples, RTD

+/-10V, 1-5V,+/-20mA, 4-20mA


Conversion speed 500µs/ch voltage, 20ms/ch temp. 500µs/ch 20ms/ch
Accuracy +/-0.1% Voltage, +/-0.3% V temp. +/-1.0% +/-0.3%


Analog output module
Outputs 4
Output range -10V to +10V, 0 to 20mA 
Conversion speed 500µs/ch
Accuracy +/-1.0% (at 0 to 55°C)

Positioning modules

PLC Premium FP2SH positioning modules Panasonic Industry

For system-integrated 2- and 4-axis path control. Maximum 4Mpps command yields high-speed and high-precision positioning. 0.005ms high-speed drive reduces tact time. Feedback pulse count function makes output pulse counting possible for encoders, etc. JOG positioning control supports a wide range of applications.

Product number Specifications
FP2-PP21 Transistor output, 2 axes
FP2-PP41 Transistor output, 4 axes
FP2-PP22 Line driver output, 2 axes
FP2-PP42 Line driver output, 4 axes

FP2 Positioning units RTEX

PLC Premium FP2SH positioning units RTEX Panasonic Industry
  • For highly accurate control of network servers with an ultra-compact PLC.
  • Great reduction in wiring costs with the use of commercial LAN cable.
  • Includes manual pulser input, allowing support for precision teaching.
  • Maximum control axes: 112 axes.
  • Total support from configuration and startup through to monitoring with the dedicated software tool Configurator PM.


Product number Specifications
FP2-PN2AN 2 axes positioning unit RTEX
FP2-PN4AN 4 axes positioning unit RTEX
FP2-PN8AN 8 axes positioning unit RTEX

High-speed counter and pulse I/O modules

PLC Premium FP2SH high-speed counter and pulse I/O modules Panasonic Industry
High-speed counter modules
Counter 4 channels, max. 200kHz
Interrupt input 8 points
Calculation range 32-bit
Input type PNP NPN


Pulse I/O modules
Counter 4 channels, max. 200kHz
Interrupt input 8 points
PWM output 4 points: 1Hz to 30kHz
Pulse output 4 points: 100kHz
Output type PNP NPN

Multi communication unit

Premium PLC FP2SH multi communication unit Panasonic Industry

The FP2-MCU module enables quick and efficient data exchange between Panasonic's FP2 series PLCs and other automation systems. Detachable interface modules make it easy to connect an FP2 PLC to a variety of serial communications devices such as operator terminals, sensor systems, vision systems, temperature controllers, remote maintenance or diagnostic systems or to additional PLCs.

  • Fast communication speeds of up to 230Kbps
  • Communication protocol options including RS232C, RS422 or RS485
  • Double isolation of the communications channel
  • Up to 19 modules can be connected in one system
  • Transmission distances of up to 1200m can be achieved
Product number Specification

FP2 communication block (RS232C)

Baud rate: 300 to 230400 bps

Transmission distance: up to 15m


FP2 communication block (RS2485)

Baud rate: 300 to 230400 bps

Transmission distance: up to 1200m


FP2 communication block (RS422)

Baud rate: 300 to 230400 bps

Transmission distance: up to 400m


Name File Type Size Date Language
PDF AIP81862E1D - Kommunikationskabel zwischen PC COM-Port, FPWEB Modem COM, GN-Panel und FP2-COM-Port, FP2-MCU-RS232, AIP81862E1D Data sheet, Cable drawing 42.3 KB 04.04.2014 German
PDF Brochure Automates programmables industriels Catalog, Shortform 5.9 MB 09.04.2021 French
PDF Catálogo Resumen Autómatas Programables Catalog, Shortform 13.3 MB 21.01.2022 Spanish
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PDF Communication cable between GT terminals and FP Series Tool port, 2m Data sheet, Cable drawing 36.6 KB 01.05.2007 English
PDF Communication cable between GT terminals and FP2/FP2SH COM Port, 2m Data sheet, Cable drawing 58.8 KB 01.04.2007 English
PDF Connection cable MINAS A4/A5/A6 to FPG/FP2 positioning module (line driver), 2 axes, DVOP0986W1 Data sheet, Cable drawing 61.9 KB 15.02.2011
PDF Connection cable MINAS-A/A4/A5/A6 to FPG/FP2 positioning module (Transistor) , 2 axes, DVOP0985W1 Data sheet, Cable drawing 62.1 KB 15.02.2011 English
ZIP Control Configurator ET Ver 1.01 Update: This software is used to upgrade Ver 1.00 to Ver 1.01. Software 5.1 MB 01.06.2011 English
ZIP Control Configurator FM for integration in FPWIN Pro 7. Network Configurator including diagnostic functions for FP0H / FP2 / FP-Sigma Fieldbus Master Units(FMU). Software 45.7 MB 09.09.2010 English
ZIP Control Configurator PM Ver. 1.23 difference file: It is used to upgrade Ver.1.00 to Ver.1.23. This file does not work on its own. To install this software, Control Configurator PM Ver.1.00 must alre… Software 20.8 MB 01.11.2021 English
ZIP Control Configurator WD Version 1.77: setting software for Ethernet communication of FP7, FP0H, ELC500, Data Logger Light, PV200/500, HL-C21C, GT32T1/703/704, AFPX-COM5, FP-XH Ethernet type, LP-GS, K… Software 7.3 MB 24.02.2021 English
PDF Data sheet MF40MD-I, Connector screw terminal 40 pins Data sheet 353.3 KB 01.08.2018 English
PDF Datenblatt MF40MD-I, Klemmenterminal mit 40 Schraubklemmen Data sheet 358.6 KB 01.08.2018 German
PDF ELC500 User’s Manual, WUME_ELC5-05 Manual 6.8 MB 07.07.2021 English
ZIP FP Data7 V.1.11.1. This Windows software communicates with all PLCs. It’s for a data load, save, edit of the PLC internal memory. Export and import in CSV format is possible too. For Windows 7/8.x/10. Software 58.2 MB 19.12.2022 English
PDF FP I/O Terminal Board Installation Instructions, MJEC-FPIOTB Manual 1.1 MB 11.07.2022 English
PDF FP I/O Terminal Unit Installation Instructions, MJEC-FPIOTU Manual 1.1 MB 11.07.2022 English
PDF FP Modem-56k RS232C Cable for FP Series PLC COM Port with 9-pin Sub-D connector, 0.5m, CABMODPLC211 Data sheet, Cable drawing 56.4 KB 27.06.2005 English
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PDF FP2SH neuer SPS-Typ: 32000 Schritte Data sheet 252.9 KB German
PDF FP2SH series: 32k steps type Data sheet 249.5 KB English
ZIP Fieldbus Master Module (FMU) Library for PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet and CANopen (FP-Sigma, FP2) Software, Library 124.2 KB 01.08.2008 English
ZIP Fieldbus Slave Unit(FNS) Libraries for FP0H, FP2 and FP-Sigma. Supported FNS slaves are PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, BACnetIP, BACnetMSTP and PROFIINET IO. GSD, EDS and GSDML files are included. FPW… Software, Library 835.9 KB 05.02.2021 English
PDF Flyer FP2SH 32K (FP2C2LJ) Data sheet 498.5 KB Italian
PDF Kommunikationskabel zwischen Modem RDM4800 und FP2 COM Port, AFB85D026 Data sheet, Cable drawing 219.4 KB 28.04.2003 German
PDF Les essentiels - Produits d’automatisme Catalog, Shortform 6 MB 24.06.2021 French
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PDF Top-Seller Automation products Catalog, Shortform 16.4 MB 14.11.2022 English
ZIP Unité de liaison multifilaire FP2 Manual 717.8 KB 01.11.1999 French
PDF Verbindungskabel zwischen RS232C/FP-Modem(EU) und FP0/FPM/FPC/FP2 Tool Port für Fernprogrammierung über Modem mit 9pol. Anschluss, AFB85D023 Data sheet, Cable drawing 241.4 KB 20.06.2002 German
PDF Übersicht Automatisierungstechnik Topseller Catalog, Shortform 16.4 MB 31.08.2022 German
PDF Übersicht FP2/FP2SH-Serie Data sheet 3 MB German
PDF Übersicht Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerungen Catalog, Shortform 13.3 MB 02.12.2021 German
ZIP FPGT Loader, Vers., is a utility for up-/downloading data to and from GT panels(GT01, GT02, GT03-E, GT11, GT21, GT05, GT12, GT32) and PLCs(FP0, FP0R, FP0H, FP7, FP2, FP2SH, FP-Sigma, FP-X, FP-… Software 79.3 MB 10.08.2021 English, German, Spanish
ZIP FPWIN Pro 7, full and update version FULL: For a full version buy a license separately. Article no. is " FPWINPRO7_LICENSE ". Please order it at your local Panasonic sales contact. This PLC p… Software 447.6 MB 22.12.2022 English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, simplified