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Temperature controllers

Easy-to-operate high-precision, temperature controllers. All models have multiple input capabilities and support any type of sensor.

New standard in our customary quality - KT.R temperature controllers

The temperature controllers of the KT.R series are the successors of the KT series controllers KT2, KT4, KT7, KT8, KT9. Customers benefit from a remarkable enhancement in operation, control performance, function, display visibility, and compactness, among other things.

The new and improved temperature controllers are available in the three DIN formats 48x48mm, 48x96mm, and 96x96mm. Adhering to proven standards helps to meet market demands for cost-effectiveness and offers economy and high performance.

Our top product lines

KT.R temperature controllers
Temperature contollers

KT.R temperature contollers

The temperature controllers of the KT.R series are the successors of the KT series controllers KT4, KT8, KT9.
KT4H/KT4B temperature controller
Temperature controllers

KT4H/KT4B temperature controller

High-performance space-saving temperature controllers with multi-input sensors, TOOL port and second optional alarm output.
KT7 temperature controller
Temperature controllers

KT7 temperature controller

Ultra-slim, DIN rail mountable type with all standard features of temperature controllers.
KT2 temperature controller
Temperature controllers

KT2 temperature controller

Compact temperature controller with pattern control.

Easy configuration and adjustment of settings

The temperature controller is ready for operation once the initial configuration of control values has been completed. Adjustment of values for frequently used and frequently changed settings is easily done. Not much time and effort is needed to establish a smoothly operating temperature control system. All required operations can be set with the help of the buttons on the front.

Easy programming

Programming is easy thanks to a nine-step setting procedure. Simply enter target values for each time period. Full flexibility of the temperature control system is guaranteed.

Fine control of heat capacity

Thanks to the high-speed processing with 125ms, the sampling period of the new KT.R series is only half of that of the previous series. With a responsiveness twice as fast as before, it is possible to carry out a much finer control of the heat capacity, for example.

Built-in auto-tuning function

The built-in auto-tuning function uses the step-response method. From the temperature rise behavior alone, it can calculate the PID constants. It is even possible to calculate constants when auto tuning cannot be used to generate them. Because an ON / OFF operation is unnecessary, there is no disruption in temperature control. The highly accurate PID control mode ensures an input span of ±0.2%.

Other features

  • Improved visibility thanks to large display
  • Space-saving design: unit depth only 60mm approx.
  • Multi-input sensors
  • IP 66 degree of protection (dip-proof / dust-proof front panel)
  • 5 digit PV/SV LCD display
  • Large buttons for easy operation
  • RS485 communication interface (KT4R only)
  • UL/c-UL standard and CE marking


Name File Type Size Date Language
PDF Catálogo resumen - Gama de producto automatización industrial 5.9 MB 17.05.2022 Spanish
PDF Checkliste Temperaturregler Data sheet 166.1 KB German
PDF Data sheet KT4 Data sheet 1.4 MB Italian
PDF Heiß auf einen coolen Preis? Temperaturregler KT4. Flyer 1.8 MB 01.11.2013 German
PDF Informazioni sulla normativa RoHS Data sheet 30.3 KB Italian
ZIP KT Monitor; (USB driver for the tool cable (AKT4H820) that connects KT Monitor to the KT4H temperature controller are also included in the same download file.) Software 21.2 MB 20.06.2013 English
PDF KT2 Communication Instruction Manual Manual 270 KB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT2 Instruction Manual Manual 854.8 KB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT4 Instruction Manual Manual 764.1 KB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT4, KT8 and KT9 Communication Instruction Manual Manual 212 KB 01.05.2013 English
ZIP KT4H Manual de instrucciones Manual 821.7 KB 01.07.2007 Spanish
PDF KT4H/B Communication Instruction Manual Manual 173.7 KB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT4H/B Installation Instructions Manual 525.7 KB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT4H/B User's Manual Manual 2.3 MB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT4R Temperature Controller communication instruction manual, KT4RCE1 Manual 543.3 KB 01.06.2015 English
PDF KT4R/KT8R/KT9R Manual de usuario WUM-ES-KT489R-01 Manual 8.5 MB 27.09.2017 Spanish
PDF KT4R/KT8R/KT9R Temperature Controller User's Manual, WUME-KT489R-01 Manual 4 MB 11.05.2016 English
PDF KT7 Communication Instruction Manual Manual 208.4 KB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT7 Instruction Manual Manual 687.1 KB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT8 Instruction Manual Manual 844.5 KB 01.05.2013 English
PDF KT9 Instruction Manual Manual 841.3 KB 01.05.2013 English
ZIP KT9 Manual de instrucciones Manual 1.1 MB 01.02.2009 Spanish
PDF Les essentiels - Produits d’automatisme Catalog, Shortform 6 MB 24.06.2021 French
PDF Manual de la serie KT4 Manual 1.7 MB Spanish
PDF Manual de la serie KT7 Manual 1.6 MB Spanish
PDF Shortform temperature controller Catalog, Shortform 9.2 MB English
PDF Solutions Régulation de Température Flyer 210.9 KB French
PDF Tabella di selezione termoregolatori Data sheet 108 KB Italian
ZIP Temperaturregler KT2 Bedienungsanleitung Manual 847.8 KB 01.05.2005 German
ZIP Temperaturregler KT4 Bedienungsanleitung Manual 533.1 KB 01.05.2005 German
ZIP Temperaturregler KT4H Bedienungsanleitung Manual 1.3 MB 01.02.2009 German
ZIP Temperaturregler KT7 Bedienungsanleitung Manual 468.5 KB 01.05.2005 German
ZIP Temperaturregler KT78 Bedienungsanleitung Manual 595.6 KB 01.05.2005 German
ZIP Temperaturregler KT9 Bedienungsanleitung Manual 639.2 KB 01.05.2005 German
PDF Temperaturregler KT_R-Serie Catalog, Shortform 1 MB English
PDF Top-Seller Automation products Catalog, Shortform 16.4 MB 14.11.2022 English
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PDF Übersicht Temperaturregler Catalog, Shortform 8.7 MB German