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ASFP series (DC fan motors)

Long-life DC fan motors with fan blockage protection. Optionally available with lock sensor.

Key points

  • Fan blockage protection
  • Reverse polarity, overvoltage protection
  • Long lifetime
  • Quiet operation
  • Optionally available with lock sensor (alarm in case fan is blocked)

ASFP DC fan motors

Frame plastic
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 10mm, 60 x 60 x 25mm, 80 x 80 x 25mm, 92 x 92 x 25mm, 120 x 120 x 25mm 120 x 120 x 25mm
Rated operating voltages 5V DC, 12V DC, 24V DC, (48V DC, ASFN1*B** series only)


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