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Panasonic, one of the world’s largest motor manufacturers, offers a wide variety of motors manufactured in China, Thailand and Japan.

Panasonic's motor products portfolio includes:

  • Various types of air conditioning motors, commonly called ECM motors, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Refrigeration fan motors for condenser cooling or evaporator air circulation
  • Brushless style motors for washing machines and dryers
  • Vacuum cleaner motors for vacuum, spa and other industrial applications
  • Spacesaver automotive motors - a family of products designed for rugged conditions as frequently encountered by fans in under-the-hood vehicle applications

Our product lines

motors air conitioning

Motors for air conditioning

Panasonic offers a wide range of variable-speed fan and blower motors.
motors refrigerator

Motors for refrigeration

Wide range of variable-speed fan motors.
motors vacuum cleaner

Motors for vacuum cleaner

Developed to minimize noise while maximizing power.
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Motors for automotive

Available for a variety of automotive applications.