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PM2 photoelectric sensor

Convergent reflective microphotoelectric sensors.
PM2 photoelectric sensor shadow

Convergent reflective microphotoelectric sensors

The PM2 series is suitable for a large number of applications due to its compact and robust design. The application range is extended using the "U" shaped version. Due to the fixed focusing of the light beam,PM2 sensors enable precise object detection in a defined sensing range. The PM2 series measures independently of the background detects dark or slightly reflective objects and extremely thin objects (0.05mm).


  • Response time typically 20µs
  • Detection independent of background
  • Connector termination
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Typical applications

PM2 applications
  • Minute object detectable
  • Starting point and overrun is sensed using the dog on the base
  • Detecting capacitors in tray
    The convergent reflective type sensor reliably detects capacitors in a tray without being affected by their color, characters, marks or glossiness.


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