“The heart of smart application innovations”

Ottobrunn, June 18th, 2021

“Wireless Connectivity, sensing and machine intelligence is not a feature  – it’s the heart of smart application innovations in every context”, summarizes Dr. Sarah Ghaemi from Panasonic Industry the value and relevance of nowadays IoT connectivity.

Following the remarkable success of the Access IoT 2019, again this latest edition of the event focused on trends, technologies and perspectives related to the Internet of Things, this time particularly on key applications for Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Factory and Smart Healthcare.

Addressing an audience of over 100 virtual participants, speakers from renowned companies, suppliers and also end customers, presented their best practices with Panasonic Industry’s Wireless Modules, among them Richard Haagensen from Schaeffler, Lorenzo Amicucci from Nordic Semiconductor, Alan Sillito from Wirepas, Mihajlo Raljic from Edge Impulse, Martin Woolley from Bluetooth SIG, Dr. Matthias Flieger from CTC advanced GmbH, Olivier Thivolet from NXP, Pascal Delrot from Samea Innovation, Fabio Cerino from Befreest - and Werner Neumann from STMicroelectronics, who referred to the beneficial aspects of know-how synergies: „As a semiconductor supplier, STMicroelectronics has its expertise in engineering of radio transceivers and sensors, but we do not offer final applications. Panasonic Industry, with a lot of engineering and manufacturing experience, develops products for customers – and combines the best of our worlds.”

Next to Robert Spiegler, Michael Spunt, Leonardo Sabaini, Dr. Sara Ghaemi has been speaking For Panasonic Industry - and also confirmed the importance of purposeful customer orientation: “The fruitful partnership with STMicroelectronics enables us to strongly support our customers with the 4Cs: Cutting Time-to-Market, complexity, cost and keeping compliance.”

In case you missed the event - or would like to get in further touch with us on a certain presentation from the program, feel free to get directly in touch with markus.bichler@eu.panasonic.com