Hamburg, November 2016: With a diameter of only 3.65mm and a length of 20mm the new CG-320A pin-type battery from Panasonic is the smallest cylindrical Lithium-ion rechargeable battery on the market. The compact design and high output capability required for near-field communication (NFC) make the rechargeable battery the ideal power supply for wearable devices.

The new CG-320A pin-type battery was developed especially for wearable applications such as smart watches, fitness trackers, virtual reality glasses and digital pens. The small, lightweight yet powerful solution with a nominal capacity of 15.0mAh can also be used in medical products such as hearing aids. The new CG-320A Lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery with convincing reliability and performance – also with respect to the time required for charging: after only one hour the battery is already 80 % charged.

Modern miniature components and high-precision production processes enable the compact design of the CG-320A pin-type battery, which is only one-twentieth the size of an AAA battery. “This new Lithium-ion rechargeable battery is an example of Panasonic’s technological expertise in the area of material and product development”, Takuyuki Okano, Chief Engineer at Panasonic explains. “Despite the small diameter, the normal spiral electrodes for Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are used.” A stainless steel exterior can provides excellent stability. The compact dimensions allow engineers a great deal of freedom in designing slim and attractive wearables.

Other versions of the innovative pin-type battery with even higher performance characteristics are already under development: two new models, the CG-425 and CG-435, will feature a nominal capacity of 30.0 mAh and 50.0mAh, respectively, each with a diameter of only 4.7mm. These planned models are designed for faster charging and will be 80% charged after only 20 minutes.