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Despite the tense situation on the semiconductor markets for the past two years, Panasonic Industry has invested heavily in stocks - and now reports that, for instance, the Bluetooth® Low Energy modules from the PAN1780 family are available in exceptionally short lead times now.

“A lead time as short as approximately 16 weeks for a comprehensive range of top-notch BLE modules should be considered unrivalled at the moment”, comments Tomislav Tipura from Panasonic’s Wireless Connectivity department.

The company’s range of Nordic Semiconductor-based BLE wireless modules comprises the flagship PAN1780 as well as it’s siblings PAN1770, PAN1781 and PAN1782. Each of them is coming with tailored specs and a well thought-out price-performance ratio – meeting the most relevant application requirements:

PAN1780 is a Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy Module based on the Nordic nRF52840 single-chip controller coming with 1MB Flash/256kB RAM and integrated chip antenna

PAN1770 is the antenna-less sibling of PAN1780 – and provides an uFL connector for applications with radio-unfriendly housings

PAN1781 comes with the nRF52820 single-chip controller inside – and renders with its 256kB Flash/32kB RAM an ideally cost-effective solution for compact applications.

PAN1782 is the latest member in Panasonic’s BLE module family – and with 512 kB Flash/128 kB RAM memory the perfect trade-off between performance and price.

“We know there are people with great application projects out there, but rapid implementation often fails due to unavailable components”, concludes Tipura. “So, at least when it comes to delivering the proven BLE module of choice, we’re as fast as your ideas.”

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