For everyone being interested, buying, distributing or prototyping with products from one of the world’s leading technology companies, Panasonic Industry’s online library Mediapool has become a reliable address during the last years.

Now, the company has reworked the Mediapool from scratch in many regards: In addition to an ever growing set of images, videos, comprehensive datasheets, specific product brochures and catalogs, the library now also comprises detailed whitepapers or concise fighting cards. Furthermore, all those assets will be extended step by step to an ever wider field of industries, product groups or application purposes.

Next to the new and dynamic design - now containing teasers for immediately discovering new or relevant content  - the entire navigation has been restructured and guarantees a straight, easy and intuitive user experience.  

Any matching search result in the preview can be immediately downloaded via shopping cart – just as it is common practice in ordinary online stores.

And here’s the good news: Full access to the Panasonic Industry Mediapool is still entirely free and does not even require any sort of registration!

Additionally, things have been made even easier: If required, a media asset’s URL now can be simply copied and shared.

Get a first idea of how to use the new Mediapool with our brief introduction video and download every file you need.