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Hamburg, 13th December 2017: Panasonic has expanded its portfolio of manganese dioxide lithium batteries (CR technology) to include nine additional models, including both button cells and cylindrical types. The four new button cells are especially durable even at extreme temperatures: The B series (new: CR-2032B, CR-2050B) is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40 to 120 °C, and the A series (new: CR-2032A, CR-2050A) is even designed for a maximum temperature of 125 °C. “These products use improved electrolyte and a new seal material, both of which are optimised for a broad temperature range,” says Jens Kischkel, Product Manager at Panasonic. “We are also using a new type of electrolyte in the five new cylindrical lithium primary batteries.” The cylindrical U series has an excellent pulse discharge characteristic at low temperatures; the new models can be used in a range from -40 to 70 (CR-2U) and 85°C (CR-AAU), respectively. The special feature of the Z series (new: CR-2Z, CR-AGZ, CR-CZ) is an especially long life.

Users benefit from the familiar positive properties of the lithium batteries: continuous reliability, good pulse load capacity and stable internal resistance throughout the entire life cycle. With the time-proven CR technology from Panasonic there is no effect of passivation, which means that all new models reliably deliver high pulse currents even after long periods of non-use. These outstanding properties make lithium primary batteries from Panasonic ideal for continuous use in safety technology, for example in smoke detectors or anti-burglary systems, but they are also suitable for measuring devices such as water meters or heat cost allocators. Lithium batteries from Panasonic are also ideal for diverse automotive applications, such as electronic toll collect (ETC) systems, automatic tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and for stolen vehicle tracking (SVT). Other uses include electronic tags and battery-operated beacons.

Panasonic offers its customers suitable technology for every area of application: In addition to the primary CR batteries of the lithium range, primary cells that use BR technology (poly-carbon monofluoride) are also available. These models are likewise ideal for applications with absolute requirements for reliability, safety and durability. A technical sales representative from Panasonic can help customers decide which battery type is best suited for the particular application. To ensure comprehensive technical and commercial consultation services, Panasonic has established sales offices in numerous European countries. This gives all customers convenient access to the professional advice and excellent technical service of the market leader.

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