IO-Link for safety light curtains

With the development of the SF4D safety light curtain series, Panasonic has once again proven the quality of their automation products: The SF4D has been adopted very fast and successfully in various industries.

In addition to the existing advantages of this light curtain, e.g. the slim and robust unit body combined with a new optical system for much easier beam alignment, Panasonic introduces IO-Link communication for safety light curtains.

The IO-Link communication unit SFD-WL3 can easily be integrated into the existing SF4D safety light curtain configuration and allows storage and restoration of setting data and observation of functionality during operation.


Examples of IO-Link data output are process and service data.

Process data

  • Light received / blocked information
  • Stable / unstable incident light information
  • Extraneous light information
  • Emitter / receiver lockout information
  • Incident light intensity information (OFF, 1, 2, 3)
  • OSSD control output information
  • Communication control status
  • Number of units in series connection

Service data

  • Safety light curtain main unit information
  • SFD-WL3 communication unit information
  • Incident light intensity of individual beams (32 levels)
  • Error codes